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    Welcome to "My Montebello", the Web site of the people, by the people, and for the people, if you labor, learn or live in Montebello, California.

About this Website

    "My Montebello" was designed and operated at first by students and their project teacher at Montebello High School.  This site is meant to be of service to those who labor, live or learn in Montebello.

     Current issues of Inspire Montebello!  Inspire, Montebello! can be accessed through the link in the left margin, as can back issues of Montebello E-News.   

     The plan is, one day, to provide (a) hyperlinks to useful websites for the public, (b) information to acquaint visitors with Montebello, and (c) quick access to public documents.

About Montebello E-News and

Inspire Montebello!  Inspire, Montebello!

     Montebello E-News was a newsletter which was operated at first by students and their project teacher at Montebello High School.  Back issues of the newsletter are archived at this Web site.

     The newsletter was designed to 

   inform those who "labor, learn, and live" in Montebello;


   assist the community in decision-making that benefits the community as a whole;


   encourage the improvement of the quality of life in the community;


   create community communication and cooperation;


  teach self-reliance, selflessness, and sustainable solutions.


       Montebello E-News ran from November, 2006, through December, 2012, with more than two hundred editions published.  Inspire Montebello!  Inspire, Montebello!, "Inspire" for short, has taken the place of Montebello E-News, focusing on information which inspires, tells about community events in Montebello, and advises about health.


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