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Inspire Montebello! Inspire, Montebello!

August 31, 2014

Renewable energy could power the world, claims Hydrogen Fuel News. It joins a host of recent articles and scientific reports that argue a shift to renewables is an achievable goal. Skeptics, ideological opponents, and "realists" scoff, pointing to what is currently a very small percentage of the overall global energy production. But think about this: the sun delivers more solar power to the Earth in one hour than the world's population uses in a year. To harness that power would take 500,000 square kilometers of solar farms-which, if built in empty, hot places (i.e. deserts) could be possible. And this: a recent study from Stanford University's School of Engineering and the University of Delaware showed that wind turbines taking up just one percent of the planet's land surface could meet the world's energy needs. Blue sky thoughts for these cloudless summer days. John Howell, Editorial Director, Justmeans e-newsletter, July 15, 2014

Is such optimism relevant to Montebello?


Many events.
There is now a page at the “My Montebello” Web site for institution and organization monthly and quarterly calendars. Wish to know what is happening in Montebello? Take a look at . Have a calendar? Let me know at

Mark your calendar. 
Lions eye clinic in Montebello. Free. It is going to be on October 25 from 8a.m. to 2p.m. First come, first served. To be held at the Applied Technology Center, 1200 West Mines Avenue. All ages and people welcome. People will receive their eyeglasses that day. Any questions, please email Chris Ohrmund, .

The adventure continues.
  Last weekend Troop 330 embarked on our annual hike through the beautiful East Fork trail that leads up to the amazing Bridge to Nowhere! The trail was adventurous with several crossings over the never ending creek. After 5 miles of hiking a chance to see bungee jumpers doing extremely high jumps at the historic "Bridge to Nowhere" awaits you! As a tradition of Troop 330 we refreshed by soaking in one of the deepest areas of the crisp and clear creek. Scouts also had the opportunity to fish and swim while enjoying nature during this beautiful 5-in-1 adventure! Jorge Salazar, Historian, Boy Scout Troop 330, Montebello. Juxtapose that report with this, “5 Days Away from Computer Screens Boosts Preteens' Social Awareness”,  

Quarterly yard sale.  Friday through Sunday, September 5 through 7. More information, 323.887.4540.

“Montebello through the Lens”.
  A project of the Montebello Youth Leadership Club.       ... get Montebello back onto the map by capturing pictures of out community: parks, restaurants, landmarks, and Montebello's way of life . Everyone in our community who has a passion for photography is welcome. Upload each picture to Instagram and #CaptureMontebello to enter in to our contest, with a winner chosen monthly! For more information, Jennifer Gutierrez,  

Looking back and looking ahead. We have nearly completed the year of activities for the Montebello-Ashiya Sister City Program and the 50th year of the Student Ambassador Exchange Program. The Sayonara event that the association sponsored on Sunday, August 24th, was by all accounts, a tremendous success! This Sayonara had the largest attendance and community participation...and it was the second year that we sold all seats prior to the event. ... presentation to our city council of our Montebello Student Ambassadors who returned from Ashiya. The presentation is set for Wednesday, September 10th; gather at 6:30pm in the city council chambers. ...       From an e-mail by Dr. Carlos Haro, August 28, 2014. For more information, .

Keeping in touch.
  I write to announce my community office hours taking place in Montebello on the second Tuesday of every month. At these free public events, constituents will have the opportunity to access helpful services from congressional staff. We may be able to help with Immigration and Citizenship, Postal Services, Passport Applications, Veterans Benefits, Social Security, and Medicare. ... [at] Montebello Parks and Recreation Office, 1700 West Victoria Avenue, Montebello 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 am. ...        From a letter sent by Congresswoman Sa'nchez dated July 31, 2014.

The Gold Line is coming.
  Draft Environmental Impact Report available:

Around town. 
“MAOF among Top 10 Latino Nonprofits in the Nation” / “Fourth Graders Visit Sanchez Adobe Museum” / “Beverly Hospital Awards Educational Scholarship” / “Montebello Historical Society Awards Scholarships” / “First Annual St. Benedict Golf Tournament” / “20 High School Seniors Receive Aid for College from The Shops at Montebello” / “Camino Federal Credit Union Awards Scholarships to MUSD Students” / “Montebello Welcomes Seven New Fire Recruits” / “City of Montebello Salutes Street Maintenance Supervisor Jess Hernandez for 27 Years of Service to the Community” / From Spotlight on Montebello, August, 2014.


Somebody from Montebello entered this million-dollar idea contest.  

Excellent article to point to the usefulness of perseverance and creativity.
  "How Many Times Should You Try before Success?",  

Boy, Nine, Climbs South America's Tallest Mountain  

Too radical?
"15 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Didn't Need College",  

5 Alternative Fun Ways to Earn Money Online  

Scientists Develop Wonder Nanomaterial that Can Produce Energy, Clean Water and Hydrogen  

SheerWind’s INVELOX Wind Turbine Can Generate 600% More Energy Than Conventional Turbines  

Bare Conductive Paint Allows You to Draw an Electrical Circuit Almost Anywhere  

Dutch Scientists Invent Smog-Eating Pavement to Help Clean the Air  

The Empowerment Plan Provides Detroit’s Homeless with Warm Coats That Double as Sleeping Bags  

10 Most Beautiful 3D Street Art Photos 

9 Innovative Bottle Designs 



Must read.  "Technology and Kids: Startling Statistics Every Parent Should Know about Addiction to iPhones and Screens",!/entry/technology-and-kids-startling-statistics-every-parent-should-know-about,51e938e0da27f5d9d0fb0f3f  

Keep your computer safe. “7 Ways to Spot a Phishing Scam",  

Habits That Make You Obese and Overweight 

The Most Powerful Food Combinations 

The Link Between Exercise, Stress, and Anxiety  

Proper Breathing Techniques Improve Overall Health  

Youth Tonic.
½ c. carrots, 1/3 cup celery, 1 large romaine lettuce leaf, ½ handful of cut escarole leaves, 15 parsley sprigs, 2 fresh peppermint leaves, ½ cp spinach leaves, ¾ cup pineapple juice, chilled, ¾ c. apple juice, chilled, 1¼ c. ice cubes.  

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