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Inspire Montebello! Inspire, Montebello!

January 31, 2013

“He that drinks his Cyder alone, let him catch his Horse alone.” Benjamin Franklin

What do you make of that?

Are we a “company town”? Do we think of a “company town” as a place where one company provides a large number of jobs or where the town's prosperity is dependent on the company's prosperity? If so, I wonder how close we come to being a company town, in light of the effort being put by Cook Hill Properties, through its well-crafted community magazine, to garner support for the Montebello Hills Specific Plan, through which houses and a park would be built in the hills. 

Free public events at Beverly Hospital. Our hospital has much going on in February: talks on diabetes and urinary incontinence, maternity education which includes infant CPR training, free blood-pressure screenings, exercises and dancing for seniors, a movie, bereavement support group, caregiver support groups.  

I'm going. Are you? “Meet Franklin D. Roosevelt as Performed by Actor Peter Small”. Wednesday, February 6, 2013, 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Montebello library. Admission is free. For more information, 323.722.6551.

Flea market with a cause. The Save the Montebello Hills Task Force is happy to announce our second 2013 Flea Market/Outreach event which takes place Saturday, February 9, at the Montebello High School parking lot on the corner of Madison and Wilcox. We will be there from 7:30 am until 2:00 pm. This is another great Outreach/Fundraising event. Anyone who wishes to help at the booth, donate, or sign up, can bring items early in the morning to the event, during the day or leave donations in advance in bags or boxes at the end of the long driveway at 917 Hibiscus St., Montebello. Books, cookware, knickknacks, DVDs, collectibles and anything else you want to pass along are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support in the past year which helped us immensely in our ongoing effort to save the last open space Montebello Hills. Funds raised at these events are used to support the work of defending our Hills. Your continuing support is both needed and appreciated. Best Wishes to you and yours for a Wonderful New Year. --The Save The Montebello Hills Task Force Steering Committee

From the Sister City Association.       ... During 2013, we celebrated the 52nd anniversary of the Montebello-Ashiya Sister City Agreement. As we begin 2013, we also start the recruitment of applications for the Student Ambassador Exchange Program. The other important effort for the first part of the year is our annual association membership drive. // The search for 2013 Montebello student ambassadors has officially begun. Once again we would like to remind you to spread the word about our program. If you know of any eligible high school students residing in Montebello please let them know about this great opportunity and give them the application. The 2013 student ambassador application is ... available at the City Clerk’s Office, Montebello City Hall, through Ms. Lillian Guzman . [Also, available at] . ... Questions regarding the application and selection process can be addressed to Ms. Lydia Glasman, Chairperson of the Student Ambassador Committee at (323) 724-4480. The student ambassador application deadline is Thursday, March 7, 2012. ... // ... The association meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 13th, beginning at 7:00pm, at the Montebello City Hall staff lounge. ...       From an e-mail dated January 7, 2013.

Can we do the same? “Beach Cities Are Getting Healthier, Data Show”,  

What is keeping our youth from starting their own businesses? “10-Year-Old's Recycling Business Hailed by City Leaders”,  

Should Montebello businesses start talking this talk and walking this walk? “McDonald's Filet-O-Fish, Fish McBites Going All-Sustainable”.,0,3215877.story  

“The Flu Is Fast Headed Our Way: 5 Ways to Fight”,0,3730934.story  

“10 Things Better Than Money”  

Something big is coming. “Cubify Wants To Domesticate The 3-D Printer”,  

Should “recycling design” be taught at Montebello's new high school? “Pool Box: A Deluxe Backyard Pool Made From a Recycled Dumpster”.  

This might become popular because it shows people how much money is being saved. “Can This App Help Workplaces Become Greener?”.  

Short article worth reading and sharing. “Heartwarming Proof that Sportsmanship Is Not Dead.”  

Unintended consequences. “Top psychiatrist: Meds behind school massacres. Society conducting 'vast social experiment' without knowing its end.”  

More about the effect of drugs. “Drug-induced Murder: What Caused the Connecticut School Shootings?”  

“50 Things Replaced by Modern Technology”  

“Spitting Rhymes and Firing Synapses: Freestyle Rap Battles Could Boost Student Creativity”  

“Recycle an Old T-Shirt Into a Produce Grocery Bag (DIY Tutorial)” 

“New Bricks Can Be Made Out Of Junk We Aren’t Using”  

“Wooden Tetris Shelves Built From Various Stackable Block Shapes” 

“The 'Safe' Replacement For BPA Might Be Just As Toxic”  

We went from incandescent light bulbs to CFLs. Is it now time to switch to LEDs?       ... The SWITCH 3-Way is a CES “Best of Innovations” honoree in the Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies product category. The SWITCH 3-Way was designed to provide the same warm, familiar glow of an incandescent, while using approximately 80% less energy and offering the convenience of a three-way bulb. Like all of SWITCH’s LED bulbs, the 3-Way uses the company’s patented LQD Cooling System that combines a coolant made of liquid silicone, and a highly efficient and reliable electronic driver that is up to 40% more effective at diffusing heat and cooling LEDs than air alone. ...  

“Beat Lower Back Pain”  

“Waiter Hailed as Hero after Standing Up for Boy with Down Syndrome”  

Is it enough to carry around and use hand sanitizer? “Antibiotic-Resistant Diseases Pose 'Apocalyptic' Threat, Top Expert Says”.  

A Robot Lumberjack Chainsaws Trees Into Chairs  

Should every family have a LEGO set? “Yes, Yes, Yes!: The LEGO Hotel”,  

What technology enables us to do. “Print a Giant Wall Mural of Your Own Design Using PIXERS”,  

Don't drink tap water. “Why You Should Drink Distilled Water”, 

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