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Inspire Montebello! Inspire, Montebello!  

January 31, 2014

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.
  Mark Twain

Does this mean that a soldier may say “no” to a command?


For our college students. February 10 deadline.
       ... Are you ready to make a difference in the community this summer? Spend your summer in Washington, DC with the Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service ... If you have questions about the program or how to apply, contact IPVS Manager Kristen Wright by email at or by phone at 202.986.0384.

Sister City Association meeting coming.
General Membership Meeting. February 12, 2014 at 7:00 pm, City Hall Staff Lounge. ... Agenda includes: the 2014 student ambassador exchange program application and selection process (a copy of the 2014 application is available at the Sister City website); the August calendar of activities for the exchange program; fundraising events and Association membership dues for 2014. We look forward to seeing you at the February 12 meeting. The Sister City website has information on the history of the Sister City agreement between Montebello and Ashiya, Japan, and features images and videos provided by Montebello Student Ambassadors. ... . ... Congratulations to Past Ambassador Daniel Gonzales III for creating the website and we extend our appreciation for his major contribution to the association. ... 

I expect this to be interesting. The Montebello Historical Society is having a special presentation by Peter Romero at their 2/13/2014 general meeting. Mr Romero will give a talk on the "The Origination of Spanish Surnames" at the Montebello Senior Center. downstairs, 115 S Taylor Ave., Montebello. There is a social hour at 6:30 PM and the meeting begins at 7:00 PM. Peter Romero is a teacher and genealogist with family roots in the old Mission District which was located in the area of Lincoln Ave. and San Gabriel Blvd. ...       From an e-mail from the Montebello Historical Society, January 24, 2014. For more information, .

Beverly Hospital's February calendar.
Our hospital has many activities for the public: lectures about diabetes and heart disease; classes for mothers and expectant mothers; blood-pressure and glucose screenings for seniors; a variety of exercise classes for seniors; a monthly movie; as well as support groups for bereavement, caregivers dealing with dementia or Alzheimer's, and general caregivers. Go to or call 323.725.4338 for details.


Clever Bicycle-Powered Elevator Zips Passengers 30 Feet Up  

Hip, Geometric Beach Towels That Magically Repel Water  

In Ariz., A Solar Plant That Powers 70,000 Homes Day or Night  

NASA Plans to Put an Astronaut on an Asteroid: This Is How,0,3903424.story  

How Video Games Will Make Individualized Learning Possible. 
On average, it took only 41 minutes and 44 seconds for students to master Algebra skills during the Washington State Algebra Challenge using the DragonBox App. ...  

Kid-Powered Merry-Go-Round Generates Electricity for Classrooms & Lanterns in Rural Ghana 

EZ Log's Housing Kits Can be Assembled Like Lego Blocks Into Various Structures 

Wow. SpareOne Emergency Phone Squeezes 15 Years of Battery Life and 10 Hours of Talk Time From a Single AA 

Beautiful Satellite Photography of the Earth (15 Pictures) 

Rethinking commercial property: would this be useful in Montebello? Kickstarting: A Modular Kit To Transform Empty Storefronts Into Pop-Up Shops  

How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses  


The Truth About Vitamin-Supplement Kits  

For $49, a Doctor Will See You Now -- Online$49-a-doctor-will-see-you-now-online/  

Males Downplay Risk of Texting and Driving, Study Says,0,6108410.story  

Top 10: Aging Myths 

The Diet That Keeps Your Brain Buzzing  

Stop taking medication for arthritis?
       ... Simply put, a well-nourished joint is a pain-free joint. No drug on this planet can do all of that for you. It requires a lifestyle approach that includes a combination of nutrients and certain foods, plus exercises that allow the synovial fluid to deliver these nutrients into your joints. ...  // ... Researchers have found that one of spirulina's pigments, phycocyanin, possesses anti-inflammatory properties similar to some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Considering the dangers linked to NSAIDs, particularly ulcers, spirulina should be viewed as an essential component of any arthritis program. No other green superfood contains this pigment. ...  // ... Barring some systemic disease process, nutritional supplements can often help relieve dry eyes naturally. Here are some suggestions to treat the problem. Try them one at a time: * 500 mg of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) daily. This may do the trick by itself. (Don't forget to take a full B-complex vitamin as well.), * 2–4 grams of vitamin C daily, * 45 mg of beta-carotene daily ...  

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