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 February 28, 2014

... It has been calculated that the salvos [the firing of cannons], whether as royal or military courtesy, as an exchange of courteous sounds, as signs of etiquette, rituals of ports and citadels, salvos made daily by all the forts and all the warships at sunrise and sunset, at the inauguration and closing down of ports, etc., etc., the civilized world expends in [gun] powder, in all the Earth every twenty-four hours, a hundred fifty thousand useless canon shots. At six Francs per shot, 950,000 Francs are needed each day. This is but a detail. In the meantime, the poor die of hunger ...      
From Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

A couple of thoughts here. First, the book has much more detail than the movie, including themes the movie does not mention. Second, the issue of military expenditure to the detriment of civilians is not a modern-day novelty.


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"US States Banned from Exporting Their Trash to China Are Drowning in Plastic", 

Electric Car Folds in Half for Crowded City Streets 

Creating A "Farm-To-Fridge" Economy To Keep Local Food Fresh 

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Cardboard Technologies Announces Plans to Produce $10 Cardboard Bicycle  

How to Design Your Startup Office for a Productive Workforce  

Feel like inventing something?
“Oil Pipeline Blowout: Tech Innovation and New Rules Needed Now”, 
In North Dakota, an estimated 865,000 gallons of oil has spread across farmland after a pipeline rupture. The pipeline’s owner, Tesoro Logistics, only found out about the leak after being alerted by the farmer on whose land it had been spewing for some time. The spill is one of the largest inland oil pipeline accidents in the U.S. An investigation reveals that a) there are no minimum performance standards for pipeline leak detection; b) the section of ruptured pipeline was not required to have leak monitoring or pressure sensors; c) Tesoro was monitoring the pipeline remotely but picked up no problems; and d) the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration says detection rules are still being “updated.” Seems like there’s plenty of opportunity for tech innovations and new environmental safety regulations in the pipeline industry. 
John Howell, Editorial Director, Justmeans newsletter, October 25, 2013 

Thermoelectric Bracelet Heats or Cools Your Body in One Switch 

There’s One Key Difference between Kids Who Excel at Math and Those Who Don’

West African Inventor Makes a $100 3D Printer From E-Waste  

Honest Slogans Poke Fun At Brands - Business Insider  

College Student's Incredible Jump Rope Skills Are Unreal  

NYC Phone Booths Turned Into Free Mini Libraries by Architect John Locke  


Changing the Way We Eat. Online event, March 1, 2014.  

EWG’s 2014 Shopper’s Guide to Avoiding GE [genetically engineered] Food

Strokes Affecting More Younger People, Global Study Finds  

LAUSD Students Are Really Out of Shape  

Alkaline Diet Claims Get Sour Response from Doctors,0,1028744.story 

Bottled Water Sales Rising as Soda Ebbs 

Is DDT a Time-Bomb behind the Obesity Epidemic?  

Have we heard of probiotics?      
... Probiotics are good bacteria that not only balance the bad bacteria in your digestive system, but also coat your intestinal wall, defend your GI tract from free radicals, and help neutralize toxins. All of this can help you achieve optimal digestive health. ... While commercial supplements often come to mind when people mention probiotics, traditional fermented foods are teeming with these beneficial bacteria. Fermented vegetables, fermented milk products (clabber, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk), kefir, fermented soy products (natto, miso, tempeh, soy sauce, fermented tofu), and even naturally fermented, unpasteurized beers are some of the most complete probiotics available. My favorite fermented food (besides unpasteurized beer, of course) is homemade sauerkraut. I highly recommend you include foods like these regularly in your diet. ...  

40 Recipes for Oranges for Superfood Meals 

Aging Well: Keeping Blood Sugar Low May Protect Memory  

10 Reasons to Give Up Diet Soda  

Field Manual: A Training Guide For Those With Little Time & Equipment 

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