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March 31, 2014

In the first place, there is no such thing as “settled science.” There is a state of scientific consensus at any given time, and science surely has its reigning orthodoxies. But to understand the enterprise of science is to know that science is never settled. The very nature of science is to test and retest hypotheses and to push toward new discoveries. No Nobel prizes are awarded for settled science. Instead, those prizes are awarded for discoveries and innovations. Many of those prizes, we should note, were awarded in past years for scientific innovations that were later rejected. Nothing in science is truly settled. ...       Albert Mohler,  

Should we be making a pivotal distinction between “settled science” and the scientific method, as it does not seem as if our schools were doing so? In other words, are our schools teaching dogma, that is, a secular faith, to the exclusion of competing interpretations of reality?


Many events. There is now a page at the “My Montebello” Web site for institution and organization monthly and quarterly calendars, . Have a calendar? Let me know.

April 12.  The Save the Montebello Hills Task Force will have a booth at the Sanitation Districts of LA County Earth Day Event on Saturday, April 12, in the following flyer: .  Note that they are also asking for old (but still usable and fairly clean) shoes and extra eyeglasses. If anyone wants to donate these items without attending the event, they can leave them Friday, April 11 in the plastic bags at the end of the long driveway at 917 Hibiscus St, Montebello and the Montebello residents of the Task Force will take them to the event. ...

Also, April 12. Book sale at the Montebello library. For more information, 323.722.6551. Good prices.

Message from Assemblymember Garcia. 
If you, like many other tax payers, have not done your taxes and need help, check out my website to find a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) near you. ...  


Looking for a new vacation?
“Solar-Powered Floating Resort is an Off-Shore Aquatic Escape”,  

If necessity is the mother of invention, what invention do you propose which, at the same time, would bring jobs to Montebello?
  “How California's drought affects the country's supply of fruits and  vegetables”,,0,4201163.story 

Turn Your Kid into a Superhero at New York's Hero School 

What If Schools Graded on Character? 

Denmark’s Bike Share Will Be Equipped with Tablets 

How I Turned My Bicycle into a $4.6 Million Business  

These 10 Countries Are the Most Prosperous in the World, and They Don’t Include the U.S.  

Dollars and Cents: Case Study Adds Up Value of Energy Reduction. 
A new series of case studies shows the business value of energy management systems and strategies by adding up the ROI and measuring the timeline of reductions in energy use. One report examines the costs and benefits of implementing ISO 50001 as part of the U.S. Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program. A Nissan vehicle plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, improved the plant’s energy performance by 7.2 percent in gaining the SEP certification. The new system saves the facility $938,000 annually; Nissan’s investment, $331,000, was recovered in just four months. Both the projected additional profit and the rapid rate of recovery show just how much— and how quickly—energy reduction planning can add to a company’s bottom line.  John Howell, Editorial Director, Justmeans e-newsletter, November 8, 2013

How Many Times Should You Try before Success? 

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Brings Lessons from Space Down to Earth 

LEGO Play Book Delivers Hundreds of Fun & Creative Building Ideas 

Use Government to Grow Your Business 

This New Fast Food Packaging System Makes Eating Junk Easier--But Also Less Wasteful 

This 300-MPH Bullet Train Will Take You from D.C. to New York in Just an Hour 

The 3 Elements of Charisma: Presence   

Man Zips around Mount Fuji in Homemade Jetpack 

Watch as Tony Swatton, Blacksmith to the Gods, Makes Thor's Hammer 


11 Delicious Vegetarian Soup and Stew Recipes : TreeHugger 

Depression: 'Second Biggest Cause of Disability' in World 

Speaking a Second Language Delays Dementias, Even in the Illiterate, Study Finds  

The Nutritional Benefits of Fresh vs. Frozen Food by AsapScience  

Parents Grossly Underestimate Youth Exposure to Online Bullies and Sexual Content  

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