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Inspire Montebello! Inspire, Montebello!  

June 30, 2013

Doing an injury puts you below your enemy; revenging one makes you but even with him; forgiving it sets you above him. Benjamin Franklin

Do you consider this good advice?



New fire chief. With the recent retirement of Fire Chief Tim Wessel, the City of Montebello is pleased to announce the appointment of a new fire chief, Dominic Hebert. ...       From Spotlight on Montebello, June, 2013.

Teen event at Montebello Library. Tuesday, July 2, 4 – 5 p.m. For teens interested in having their own community newspaper. For more information, Librarian Beth Krupshaw, 323.722.6551.

It is time for Betty Boop. The Betty Boop Baby Look-Alike Contest is Saturday, July 20, 2013. ... Hope you participate, as your daughter will have a great time and the memories will be amazing. Call Denise Hagopian if you have questions, 323 346-8575. Information is also available on

Blood drive and free talks at Beverly Hospital. Our hospital has much going on in July. There are free talks entitled "Diabetes and Obesity", "How to Beat Depression", "Warning Signs of Danger". "Medicare, Medi-Cal, and You". There is a summer blood drive, as well as maternity classes for expectant mothers and siblings. Free blood-pressure screenings; four different exercise classes; bingo; a movie; bereavement and caregiver support groups, including one for Alzheimer's and dementia. Go to or call 323.725.4338 for details.



Oh, yeah!
  “Ryan Frayne's Windcatcher Magnifies Human Breath, Enabling Super-Fast Inflation”,  

Do you have an inspiring story to tell? 
“YouTube: 100 Hours of Video Are Uploaded to the Site Every Minute”,  

“Six Ways Google Is About to Transform Your Small Business”  

Some of these are quite imaginative. 
“21 Brilliant Objects Made From Recycled Materials”,  

“The World's First Lego School Set to Open in Denmark”  

“Eighteen-Year-Old Invents Device That Can Charge Your Cell Phone in 20 Seconds”  

“The Patch is a Self-Watering Planter for Herbs and Greens”  

“Natural Swimming Ponds Ditch The Chemicals” 

“The TF-X Will Be the First Flying Car That Actually Works Like a Flying Car”  

“Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Bike Possible By 2016?”  

“Uh, This Dude Re-Invented the Wheel. And It's Kind of Square.”   



Unusual and interesting.
       ... After a lifetime of ill health, Dr Adams' managed to turn her health around after realising that she had been suffering with generational, personal, occupational and accidental mercury poisoning. For more see My Story or About Alison. She hosts The Natural Recovery Plan website which focuses upon recovering from chronic, serious and degenerative illness using natural means with particular reference to eliminating dental causes of chronic or recurrent health problems. For more see Part 1 and Part 2 of the explanatory video CFS & Fibromyalgia: Explained. ... Carriers of the BRCA1 gene reputedly stand a 60% chance of getting breast cancer and a 40% chance of getting ovarian cancer at some point in their lives. Jolie is now encouraging other women to get tested and follow her lead. And all this because there is supposedly no effective (allopathic) treatment for such cancers. Plus, even in the presence of this gene, whether you develop cancer is still thought to be 90% determined by environmental factors (which you can control) rather than the lottery of genetics. ... Oil Pulling is a therapy that has its origins in the ancient Ayurvedic medicine practice of oil gargling. It involves rinsing your mouth with vegetable oil for between 15 and 20 minutes. This has the dual effect of improving the health and appearance of both the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth, but also acts to systematically pull toxins from the body in general. ...       From the Natural Recovery Plan newsletter, June 7, 2013 

“7 Foods That Boost Your Brainpower”  

Some exercises are better than others?
  "Extend and Improve Your Life With These Exercises",  // “Six Healthy Ways to Incorporate Fat In Your Diet”,  // “Salt Substitutes”,  

“Males Who Eat Vegetarian Diet Live Longer, Study Finds”  

Do we know about triclosan?      
... Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical found in many consumer products, especially liquid hand soap and dishwashing detergent. It is also an ingredient in some toothpastes, face washes, deodorants, and even antibacterial plastics and fabrics used for things like cutting boards, gym mats and shoe insoles. So, what's the big deal? Triclosan is linked to liver and inhalation toxicity. Even low levels may disrupt thyroid function. It can end up in lakes, rivers and other water sources, where it is very toxic to aquatic life. The American Medical Association recommends against using triclosan in the home because it may encourage bacterial resistance to antibiotics. ...       From an email from the Environmental Working Group, June 4, 2013

“This Drink Is as Bad as Crack!”  

“How Safe Is Your Sweetener?”  


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