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July 31, 2013

 Sudden power is apt to be insolent, sudden liberty saucy; that behaves best which has grown gradually. Benjamin Franklin

Does this mean that revolutions, after succeeding in the short term, might fail in the long term? Also, did sudden power and sudden liberty during the American Reconstruction following the Civil War lead to a backlash from defeated Southerners?


Montebello-Ashiya Sister Cities Association.
You are welcome to join Montebelloans at LAX in greeting arriving Ashiya ambassadors on Monday, August 5. // You are invited to a welcome potluck for the ambassadors on Tuesday, August 6. // On Sunday, August 11, come to Little Tokyo and watch the Nisei Parade. // Sayonara Event. Lunch - Entertainment - Raffle – Auction. Bid farewell to the Ashiya Ambassadors, Marie Yano & Takayoshi Okuda. and welcome back our Montebello Ambassadors, Christina Gonzales and David Delgado. Sunday, August 25, at the Quiet Cannon, 12:00 — 4:00 pm. ...       For more information, Mrs. Gloria Haro,, (323) 722-1383.

Free talks and free activities at Beverly Hospital. 
Our hospital has much going on in August.  There are free talks entitled "Nutritional Food" and "Medicare, Medi-Cal, and You". There are six maternity classes for expectant mothers, including one teaching CPR for children in distress.  Free blood-pressure screenings; three different exercise classes and two different dance classes; a movie; a safe-driving program which might reward you with an auto-insurance discount; bereavement and caregiver support groups, including one for Alzheimer's and dementia.  Go to or call 323.725.4338 for details.


“Old Couple's Love Story Will Restore Your Faith in Marriage”  

“Your Mother’s Back Will Be Safe With a Concrete That Can Heal Itself”  

“A Stylish Folding Chair You Won’t Stash out of Sight”  

“Google Will Soon Launch Google Web Designer, a Free HTML5 Development Tool for Creating Web Apps, Sites and Ads”  

“Dive! Dive! Dive!: Teen Inventor Successfully Tests Homemade Submarine”  

Share your solution.
“American Throw Out 40 Percent Of Their Food, Which Is Terrible For The Climate”,  

“Amazon Launches Food Delivery Service in L.A.”  

“German Scientists Create Lithium Ion Battery That Can Charge an Electric Car for 27 Years”  

“New Study Finds Gaming Helps Children Learn 'Ethical Decision Making'”  

"A New Survey Looks At Los Angeles As A Beacon Of Urban Planning (Wait, What?)”  

“Fix Your Street Challenge: Tips & Resources”  

“We Think We Know What Elon Musk's Hyperloop Is, and How It Can Get You from LA to San Francisco in 30 Minutes”  

“BIG Unveils Its Plan for LEGO’s New 'Experience Center'” 

"1,300 MPG Student-Designed Ultra-Light Car Runs on a Tiny Lawnmower Engine” 

“Starbucks Opens Drive-Thru Made from Recycled Shipping Containers in Northglenn, CO”  

"From the Congo to Panama, Beat Making Labs Creates Sustainable Music Studios in Unlikely Places"  

“Report: Homeschooling Growing Seven Times Faster than Public School Enrollment”  

"How to Start Freelancing with No Experience"  

"10 Little-Known Apps That Entrepreneurs Can’t Live without"  

"Can We Bounce Some Great Recycled-Rubber Ideas off You?"  

"Los Angeles Becomes Largest City in US to Ban Plastic Bags"  

"Getting Paid to Go Green",0,4976105.story 


“Now This Is a Hard-Hitting Anti-Drinking-and-Driving Spot”  

“Bionic Eye Promises Vision for the Blind”  

"How Dangerous Is It to SMOKE Your Alcohol?"  

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