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August 31, 2013

... Religion is perishing not at the hands of science, as Horkheimer predicted, but rather at the hands of a superstition, a new magic: the power of the mind to materialize desires. Positive thinking is the new element religion has syncretized with in our countries. After achieving great success exposing the impossibility of surviving on a worker’s wages in Nickel and Dimed, US writer and activist Barbara Ehrenreich turned her energies to Smile or die: How positive thinking fooled America and the World. It is the most complete and penetrating study of the science?/industry?/religion? of positive thinking. ...  

Interesting view. Are we failing to face reality because we are caught up in the dreams of positive thinking?


At our library. Saturday, August 31, from 3 - 4 p.m we will have an IMPROV POETRY program presented by the Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts of San Gabriel Valley. Art supplies and a certificate will be provided for each participant. Ages 12 to 18 are welcome. Please bring any poems you have written to share. For more information, Librarian Beth Krupsaw, 323.722.6551.

Free talks and free activities at Beverly Hospital.
Our hospital has much going on in September. There are free talks diabetes and prostate cancer. There are classes for expectant mothers and new mothers, including one for pregnant women and their coaches. Free blood-pressure screenings; exercise and dance classes; a movie; bereavement and caregiver support groups, including one for Alzheimer's and dementia. Go to or call 323.725.4338 for details.


Wow. “Nano 'Water Chip' Could Make Desalination Affordable for Everyone”,  

Can we apply these ideas to Montebello?
"15 Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Better",  

"Soylent Crowdfunding Campaign Attracts $755K So People Can Survive without Food"  

"The Moradavaga Swing Art Installation Is a Pop-Up Playground That Generates Electricity"  

"Infographic: Clean Energy Entrepreneurs"  

"Kickstarting: Stylish, Super Lightweight Sneakers Made from Tyvek"  

"Watch This Video on How We Could Clean Up the Ocean of Plastic"  

"Wow: Nearly All Americans Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck - Katie Pavlich"  

"What Does Look for in Entrepreneurs?"  

“Got a Bright Idea? Test It with a Rapid-Fire User Study”  

“Glow-in-the-Dark T-Shirts You Can Draw on With Light by LUM Apparel”  

Innovative—and odd.
"Distraction: Bubble Football",  

“George S. Patton Motivational Posters”  

“African Leaders Determined to End Hunger by 2025”  

“Incredible Spray That Makes Anything Totally Waterproof Is (Finally!) Available”  

“6 Startups Pioneering Interactive Education for Kids”  

“How Driverless Cars Could Reshape Cities”  

“Poppy: Turn Your iPhone into a 3D Camera”  

“Video Installation at New LAX Terminal Will Make Your Jaw Drop”  


"The Story of X-Factor and Its Use in Osteoporosis Treatment".      
... X-Factor is one of the handful of nutrients I recommend for building bone strength because it helps bones absorb important vitamins and minerals. ...  

Thank you to Boy Scout troop 330 for sharing this.
“These 20 Easy-to-Memorize Scout Mnemonics Could Save a Life",  

"Save Your Joints from Old Age"  

Why even bottled water is not good enough.
"Why You Should Drink Distilled Water",  

... EWG always recommends eating more fruits and veggies and buying them organic if you can. But sometimes organic produce can cost more or isn't available. That's why we created the Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce - so you’ll know which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues and what you can buy instead to lower your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. ...  

“Doctors Prescribe Narcotics Too Often for Pain, CDC Chief Says”,0,916397.story  

“8 Organic School Lunchbox Meals That Can Be Prepared The Night before”  

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