Chapter 17.  Evaluation of Staff Performance


In accordance with chapter 3, staff will receive


       a letter;

       college money;

       and, if a teacher agrees, extra credit.


Additionally, staff will have the right


       to list participation and the newsletter teachers name and contact information on college, scholarship, and job applications, which means that the teacher will reply to inquiries from colleges, scholarship committees, and employers, about staff;

       to be named at the accompanying Web site;

       to receive preference if applying for a job paid by a local currency.


The above benefits depend on a teams performance.  An individual is evaluated by what his or her team does, not what she does herself.  Why?


E-News is about teamwork, about working together to do an excellent community service.  If one person does excellent work but the team fails otherwise, then that one person has not learned teamwork.


Teamwork is evaluated according to WATUSI, which stands for Will Adults Take Us Seriously? Index.  The criteria by which the newsletter teacher evaluates a team:


       quality of work;

       consistent quality of work;

       demonstrable ability to be self-starters, as for example, does the team look to the teacher to tell it what to do or does the team create its own activities after reading pertinent chapters in this textbook?

       demonstrable understanding of chapters 5, 15, and 16, as, for example, has the teacher had to remind a team of a deadline or asked a team why it has not provided a report for the weekly staff meeting?

       demonstrable understanding of teamwork, as, for example, has the team leaders called and held team meetings, have team members attended, have the activities been done by a backup person even when the team member with primary responsibility has been unavailable?


Using his / her five criteria, the newsletter teacher assigns one of four grades every month.  Each grade answers the question, Will adults take us seriously?  The four grades are


       A for always,

       O for often,

       S for sometimes, and

       N for never.


A teams monthly grade is private, shared with the team only.  The grades are added together for a final grade, beginning in the fourth month and ending with the beginning of the next school year, not with the ending of the current school year.  (The grades from the first three months are meant to help staff improve and are not counted toward the final grade.)  If team members believe that somebody on their team is holding them back or is not deserving of the team grade, the members should ask the newsletter teacher for a private meeting.  It is possible that a team would receive a certain grade, but an individual on the team would receive a lower grade while remaining on the team or would be transferred by the teacher to another team.


This table shows what team members receive because of their teams grades, except when a team member receive less per the preceding paragraph.



Monthly Grade

Final Grade




What a letter will say


A = recommendation;

O = commendation;

S = acknowledgement;

N = no letter.

College money


A = more than a share;

O = a share ##;

S = less than a share;

N = no share.

Extra credit


A and O, yes;

S and N, no.

In applications and resumes, the right to list

E-News participation and to list the newsletter teacher as a reference


A and O, yes;

S and N, no. **

Naming on Web site

A, O, S, yes;

N, no. ++


Preference for job paid by a local currency

A and O, yes;

S and N, no. **



## A share is not necessarily half the gross income divided by the number of newsletter, community-fund, and local-currency staff.  The key considerations are that every deserving team member on a team receiving an A receive more than every deserving team member on a team receiving an O, and every deserving team member on a team receiving an O receive more than every deserving team member on a team receiving an S.  Also, the amount of college money for the A recipients should be at least twice as much as the amount of college money for the S recipients. 

** Because college and other applications might be submitted in the middle of a school year, the cumulative team grade until that point would be used. 

++ If a team's monthly grade falls to R or N, the names of team members are removed from the site.


The E-News teacher may choose to allocate less than all the gross income dedicated for college money.  (For a breakdown of gross income, see chapter 10.)  This might happen if no team has a final grade of A or few teams have a final grade of O.  Any college money held back stays in the E-News account and is rolled into the next school year, to be set aside as college money.  However, if again there are few high team grades next year, the teacher may choose to allocate less than the income set aside as college money, with the college money which is held back rolled over into the subsequent year, and so on.


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