Chapter 2.  Overview and General Layout of E-News


Public Purposes of E-News


Rules for E-News


General Layout (Hypothetical Example)




Public Purposes of E-News:


1.     create bridges of communication and cooperation between government and constituents, between schools and the people living or working in neighborhoods around the schools, between youth and adults, among different cultures;


2.     provide more and better information to those who labor, learn or live in a community, and invite them into decision-making, thereby enabling them to make better decisions and encouraging them to help improve the quality of life in the community; 


3.     teach individuals self-reliance, selflessness, and sustainable solutions.


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Rules for E-News:


     the newsletter is to have a format other than plain text;  it might work best to do the newsletter as a Word document and to attach the document to an e-mail to e-mail trustees;


     decoration is to be modest, comprising quotations, fun facts, and simple graphics;


     the text is to be large, so that it be read easily;  the hyperlinks are to be large, so that clicking on them be easy;


     each issue, coming out weekly, is to be no more than five pages long;


     the e-mail trustees are adults who have the e-mail addresses of recipients;  neither the E-News staff nor the newsletter teacher has access to e-mail databases, in order to ensure that private information not be revealed, either intentionally or inadvertently;  however,  E-News knows how many addresses there are;


     the newsletter is not to advocate a conservative, moderate or progressive viewpoint; 


     the parts of each issue of E-News (* denotes an essential part):


o       announcements*;

o       fun facts and games;

o       important fact, solution, activity*;

o       public advisory vote;

o       online community lesson*;

o       how the public can help itself and the community*;

o       community fund;

o       open suggestion box (referred to in the newsletter and displayed at the accompanying Web site)*;

o       local currency. 


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General Layout (Hypothetical Example)


Good morning, everyone!


Welcome to (name of community) E-News of November 30, 2006.




1. For school teachers.

2. For families.

3. For youth.

4. For retirees.

5. For businesspeople.

6. For nonprofit organizations.

7. For elected officials, civil servants, and community leaders.

8. For do gooders.

9. For motorists.

10. For everyone.


(The announcements are listed by the above categories.  It is expected that many announcements would be listed in two categories.  Each announcement is short, no more than fifty words.  Each announcement has a title, description, location, date, time, contact information, and a hyperlink to details at a Web site, if these are available.  An explanation of the types of announcements not included is in chapter 6.)


Important Fact, Solution, Activity


(1. State an important fact, e.g., global warming is causing migration.)

(2. Find and outline a solution, e.g., planting trees retards global warming.)

(3. Offer a local activity which includes that solution.)


Online Community Lesson


(1. A fact which a public official wishes those who labor, learn or live in the community to know, e.g., that the local police department does not do fundraising over the telephone.)

(2. A simple multiple-choice test to help e-mail recipients remember the lesson.)

(3. An activity to reinforce or implement the lesson.)


How People Can Help Themselves and The Community


(An essay to encourage people to think about improving the quality of life.)


(Back issues of E-News and other information will be uploaded to an accompanying Web site.  When possible, the site will have the Web address[communityname].com .)  

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