Chapter 3.  What Does E-News Do for Its Staff?
One gallon of used motor oil can ruin approximately one million gallons of fresh water!
            The invitation flyer is to invite students to join our staff.  The flyer explains the benefits to you and 
other staff members.  
            It helps considerably to interest students if their teacher gives credit or extra credit.  So if the teacher 
clearly says that her / his students may receive credit or extra credit, do edit the flyer to include that 
when passing out the flyer to her students.


  E-News is coming through a nonprofit organization with access to insurance.  It is not necessary for a school teacher to take charge, unless the school require it or the teacher desire it.  The adult in charge is the “newsletter teacher”, and when E-News makes an income, the newsletter teacher is paid. 


Even if a school teacher not take charge, her / his help would be valuable:


·       permit E-News staff to photocopy the invitation flyer;

·       permit staff to pass out the invitation flyer;

·       permit staff get school e-mail addresses;

·       offer extra credit to her / his students who are staff;

·       make a room available when the room is not in use, like before and after school, free periods, and during lunch;

·       advise the newsletter teacher occasionally about school policies and practices, that is, what works and does not work at the school.


  About the college money mentioned in the flyer.  That is the responsibility of E-News team 7, about which you can read on a following page.  There is a reasonable expectation that our E-News team would earn college money, but nobody could say how much.  No staff member should look at E-News as the main source of her / his college money.


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The Flyer




You are being invited to join other high schoolers to do an extraordinary community project.  You choose (a) publishing a community newsletter or (b) managing a community fund and administering local elections or (c) creating and operating a local currency [printing money].   Is one of these for you?


·                   Yes, if you are going to college or to work after graduation.

·                   Yes, if you are interested in helping others or trying new ideas to improve the community.

·                   Yes, if you are interested in one or more of these:


(Note:  you do not have to be a journalism or business student.)


Are there benefits to help you get into college or get a scholarship?  Yes,


·                   you earn money for college,

·                   you get a letter to attach to your college and scholarship applications,

·                   you learn skills which few college or scholarship applicants have.


Is this going to be hard?  No, because we will have a large group of high schoolers divided into teams.  Nobody will be stuck with too much to do. There will be an adult working with the teams.


If interested or you have questions, please clearly—clearly—print your (a) name, (b) school e-mail address [if you do not have one, your personal e-mail address], and (c) phone number on the back side.  You will be contacted tomorrow by e-mail, so please check your e-mail the first chance you get.  Thank you.    [Newsletter teacher’s name and two ways to contact him / her.]


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