Chapter 6.  Details for Teams 1, 2, and 3
            Each of these teams can operate separately or together.
            Team 1 is responsible for announcements, which may be about the past, present or future.  The 
announcements are from schools, school personnel, elected officials and their staff, government 
agencies, universities, businesses, community organizations, and even organizations far away, like the 
United Nations, if the announcements are relevant to our community.  Announcements do not include 
advertisements or personal announcements, as newspapers already do personal announcements and a 
goal of E-News is to improve the quality of life, not to convey personal congratulations or give 
personal recognition.  (An exception to this rule is if a personal announcement is of relevance to the 
community, like a group of fourth graders winning an academic competition or a group of employees 
completing training in emergency preparedness.)   
            Each announcement is short, no more than fifty words.  Each announcement has a title, description, 
location, date, time, contact information, and a hyperlink to details, if these are available.  An announcement 
is to cover one or more of these topics:  basic education, career education, family education, emergency 
education, lifelong learning, crime, public safety, fire safety, traffic safety, street closures, health and 
nutrition, culture, the environment, the community, helping others, saving or making money, new laws, 
and new ideas.  An announcement is to be categorized in E-News according to one or more of these 
categories, which may be changed depending on what helps E-News fulfill goals for a community:

1. For school teachers

2. For families

3. For youth

4. For retirees

5. For businesspeople

6. For nonprofit organizations

7. For elected officials, civil servants, and community leaders

8. For “do gooders”

9. For motorists

10. For everyone

Here is a hypothetical example of an announcement:
FOR FAMILIES AND RETIREES.  Keeping your children out of  gangs.  Officer 
Salvador of the Montpelier Police Department will speak about behavior which 
might indicate gang affiliation.  United Episcopal Church, 111 East Polk, Thursday, 
May 10, 7 PM, 510.555.5678.  More information at .
            This announcement is of relevance to parents and to grandparents.  Many, if not most, 
announcements will appear in two categories in an E-News issue.
            This checklist could help team 1 to collect announcements:
·              has your team made a list of schools, elected officials, government agencies, and community 
organizations to invite for them to send announcements to you?  (Your newsletter teacher and school 
teachers can help you compile this list.  You make contact with them.  UN Wire will give you 
announcements from around the world.)
·              has your team composed a simple letter stating your invitation which you can e-mail, mail and / 
or fax to this list?  (See chapters 5 and 15 for advice.  Also, your newsletter teacher will edit and 
proofread.  Make contact with him or her in order to get help.)
·              has your team thought of how to make announcement collection quick and easy?  For example, 
after the invitation letter, your team can e-mail a weekly reminder for announcements to be submitted by 
       Here is an example of an announcement which, while international in impact, does touch upon our community:

What do Oprah, Bono, Penelope Cruz, and Kanye West have to do with global health? Today on Oprah, they’ll all be talking about Product (RED), a new way of doing business and also doing good. Through (RED), cutting edge companies will create and sell (RED) products—and then donate a percentage of sales to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.


The UN Foundation is a proud supporter of the Global Fund, and is excited about this new way that others can take part in its work. Tune in to Oprah today to learn more about (RED). And visit to learn how you can support the Global Fund.  October 13, 2006

            Team 2 is responsible for fun facts and games.  These can be taken from the Internet.  Ask your 
newsletter teacher so that you be sure that you not be infringing on somebody’s copyright.
            Fun facts and games are meant to get people to look at our newsletter.  The facts and games are to be 
short, as they are not to overshadow the serious information.  As we remember that we are dealing with 
different subcultures, we must make sure that the facts and games be inoffensive.  Search through Google 
for “fun facts” or even “strange facts”.  Find word games by searching through Google for “brain teasers”, 
but do not search for games with graphics, as those might download slowly.  Here is an example:
A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years! Wow!
 	A fun fact must be corroborated by a different source before being used in E-News.  Corroboration 
through a Google search suffices.
            Team 3 is to find important facts which are not well known.  These facts can be historical or 
contemporary and should touch upon a timely topic.  So, telling everyone that the population of the 
United States has reached 300,000,000 is not an important fact unless your team couple that with (a) 
a statistic about how much energy an American consumes on average, (b) what solution is being proposed 
or used, and (c) what your community can do as an activity.  Notably, your team tries to get people to 
pause and consider our present situation and what we might do for sustainable solutions.  Once in a while,
UN Wire gives important facts and sustainable solutions.
            An example of an important fact:
Did you know....?
1. 80% of all votes in America are counted by only two companies: Diebold and ES&S.
2. There is no federal agency with regulatory authority or oversight of the U.S. voting machine 
3. The vice-president of Diebold and the president of ES&S are brothers.
            To this important fact Team 3 adds information about the controversy during the 2000 election in 
Florida, finds and summarizes a solution, and proposes an activity for our community if one does not 
already exist.  An important fact, but not the solution or activity, must be corroborated by a different 
source before being used in E-News.  Corroboration through a Google search suffices.  One sees from the 
example above that each part of an important fact supposedly comes from two sources, which should make 
corroboration relatively quick.  Team 3 must always list two sources with an important fact, so that a
reader be able to check for herself.
            E-News comes out weekly.  How much information should teams 1, 2, and 3 collect weekly for 
the newsletter?  The announcements and important fact are the priority.   Fun facts, games are useful, but 
are fillers.  Altogether, teams 1, 2, and 3 together fill a page of E-News every week.

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1. Do you know your team members?


2. Do you have school e-mail addresses for them?


3. Do you have telephone numbers for them?


4. Has your team become acquainted with members of other teams?


5. Do members of team 1 know what to say when soliciting announcements?


6. Do members of team 1 know whom to ask for announcements?


7. Do members of team 1 know how to organize the announcements?


8. Do members of team 2 know where to look for fun facts and games?


9. How many fun facts and games should an issue of E-News have?


10. Do members of team 3 know what is meant by “important facts”?


11.  Do members of team 3 know where to look for important facts?


12. Who is to be the backup for team 1?


13. Who is to take primary responsibility for the work of team 2?


14. Who is to be the backup for team 2?


15. Who is to take primary responsibility for the work of team 3?


16. Who is to be the backup for team 3?


17. Do you see how the work of each of teams 1, 2, and 3 ties to the work of the other two teams?


18. Do you see how you and team members can save time by tying the work of teams 1, 2, and 3?


19. How might you find out that the fun facts and games are motivating recipients to read E-News?


20. How might you find out that important facts are motivating recipients to read E-News?


21. On your team, when might photographs be taken and who among you has primary responsibility?


22. On your team, who is the backup photographer?


23. If there is an emergency for which you do not have a solution, whom do you contact and how?



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As for

this person / these people will be in charge,

this person will be the assistant or backup,

and the activity will start on





inviting organizations and others in the community to submit announcements, then ensuring that they do;




making sure that the announcements are of a proper length and have needed information, then organizing them;




proofreading announcements and checking hyperlinks;




finding fun facts and games;  interspersing these with the announcements;




finding important facts, solutions, and possible local activities;  preparing these for inclusion in the newsletter;




laying out all the information, proofreading, and send to team 6 before the deadline;




send a weekly e-mail reminder for more announcements;  keep searching for others and  invite them to make announcements;





Our team leader from ____________ to _____________ is _____________.

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