Chapter 7.  Details for Team 4

Team 4’s activities are  

·  to schedule, announce to staff in two ways, and meet at least once a week with staff to find solutions 
to personal and team difficulties;  these are staff meetings, when all staff are asked to attend and each 
team is to provide a report, even if no team member be able to attend;  at these meetings, team 4 takes 
minutes, and reads aloud reports from those teams, none of whose members is in attendance;  the 
minutes, minus any personal information, are conveyed to all staff and the newsletter teacher, with 
team 10 posting at the Web site;
·  to arrange, announce, and host guest speakers;  team 4 confers with the newsletter teacher about 
whom to invite before making an invitation;  chapters 5 and 15 will help with regard to contacting 
an adult for the first time;  team 4 prepares a short article about a guest talk for E-News and for the 
Web site;
·  to act as aides and advisers to the newsletter teacher;  this will include, among others, arranging 
special meetings with teams individually and with staff, making photocopies, ensuring that all staff
have school e-mail addresses, updating the staff roster for themselves and the newsletter teacher;  
getting free online newsletters for staff;
·  to meet periodically with income controllers, e-mail trustees, and sponsors, to learn whether 
E-News be serving the community well;  at staff meetings, team 4 will share comments from 
controllers, trustees, and sponsors;
·  to take photographs at staff meetings and guest talks, these photographs made available for use by 
teams 6 and 10, as well as staff personally. 
            Team 4 tells and reminds all staff members that, if there is an emergency or obstacle which cannot 
be handled, it, team 4, is to be told right away, so that a solution be found.  Also, if a team has too much or 
too little to do, it should tell team 4, team 4 should tell the newsletter teacher, and the teacher should 
decide on whether to change team activities.
            Each team reports at the weekly staff meeting.  If a team cannot send at least one team member to a 
weekly staff meeting, the team must give team 4 a report in advance of the meeting, so that team 4 read the 
report and include it in the minutes.  A report should include, if applicable, who has been contacted and how, 
what happened, and who will be contacted.  Team 4 should remind all teams of this paragraph whenever 
announcing an upcoming meeting.  
            About privacy.  Team 4 is to tell all staff, and remind them periodically, to use “bcc:” whenever one 
of them e-mail to team members and to other teams, so that outsiders not see and misuse e-mail addresses.  
The staff roster is to be seen only by team 4 and the newsletter teacher, with other teams having access as 
indicated in this textbook or as approved by the newsletter teacher.

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1. Do you know your team members?

2. Do you have school e-mail addresses for them?

3. Do you have telephone numbers for them?

4. Has your team become acquainted with members of other teams?

5. How are you dividing the activities for your team?

6. Once the division is made, who among you is the backup for each activity?

7. Are there at least two ways for members from other teams to be in touch with you, either at school or away from school when there is a missed deadline, emergency or, simply, a question or suggestion?

8. If there is an emergency for which you do not have a solution, whom do you contact and how?

9. How should your team members communicate with each other so that everyone be abreast of all important information about E-News and the other teams?

10. How often should you communicate information and questions to the newsletter teacher?

11. Do you have at least two ways to be in touch with the newsletter teacher at all times?

12. Do you know the etiquette of arranging for and hosting guest speakers?

13. Do you know how to follow up periodically with income controllers, e-mail trustees, and sponsors?

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As for

this person / these people will be in charge,

this person will be the assistant or backup,

and the activity will start on





arranging, announcing, and taking minutes at staff meetings;  conveying minutes to staff and the newsletter teacher, with team 10 posting on the Web site;




arranging, announcing, and hosting guest speakers;




aiding and advising the newsletter teacher;




meeting periodically with income controllers, e-mail trustees, and sponsors;




taking photographs at staff meetings and guest talks;




being the contact for emergencies, too much work or too little work reported by other teams;





Our team leader from ____________ to _____________ is _____________.

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