Chapter 8.  Details for Team 5
	Team 5 is made up of investigative reporters.  These reporters ask questions which are not being 
asked, in order to get important facts which are meant to lead to an improvement in the quality of life in the 
community.   This parallels the work of team 3—problem, solution, activity—but involves more research 
and writing, is focused on the community, and might include original fact-finding.

              A team member, working alone or with a partner, as they agree, chooses a topic from the list below and  

·       gets approval from, and plans with, the newsletter teacher;

·       researches, which might include interviews;

·       drafts an article;

·       has the newsletter teacher critique and approve the article;

·       submits the article for publication in E-News.

            An article takes several hours of staff time and runs from five hundred to a thousand words.  (A summarized version appears in E-News , with reference to the whole article at the Web site.  Every article ends with the suggestion of one or more sustainable solutions, as well as where to turn for a local activity to implement a sustainable solution.  From start to finish, an article takes two to four weeks to prepare.

            What are possible topics for an article? 

·       A salient matter in the community which has not become controversial or is not the subject of an election yet.

·       What bad habits, like graffiti and other vandalism, cost the community.

·       Global warming and its effect upon the community.

·       Globalization and its effect upon the community.

·       Emergency preparedness.

·       Dependence on far-away government.

·       How a community can help itself by printing money.

·       Dependence on fuel coming from outside the community.

·       How to deal with too much, bad or incomplete information.

·       How the community can spend public money more effectively without reducing the quality or quantity of services provided to the community.

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