Chapter 9.  Details for Team 6






        The activities for team 6: 

·       ensure that all information from other teams be received on a date before weekly E-News publication, as determined by team 6;  remind the other teams of that deadline date;

·       if a team does not send information on time, ask the team why, and convey the reason to the management team;

·       proofread, lay out, decorate, cut, and paste according to a schedule;

·       when E-News is ready for publication, check the layout and hyperlinks;  be sure that  hyperlinks go where they should;  send a copy to the newsletter teacher for approval;  if he or she is unavailable, send a copy to a predetermined school teacher for approval;

·       ensure that E-News be conveyed to the e-mail trustees on or before the publication date, so that they e-mail to their database of e-mail recipients;  e-mail to E-News and Montebello Oil staff and the newsletter teacher;

·       leave a voice mail alerting the e-mail trustee and team 10;

·       ensure that recipients have received the newsletter, either through a polite voice-mail reminder to e-mail trustees a day after alerting them by voice mail or through some other means.

Some details about the weekly newsletter: 

·       use a format other than plain text;  decorate modestly;  it might be best to do the newsletter as a Word document and to attach the document to an e-mail to e-mail trustees;

·       lay out and organize for ease of use by e-mail recipients;  if a line of text has more than twenty words, it might be too long for comfortable reading;

·       the text should be large, so that it be read easily;  the hyperlinks should be large, so that clicking on them be easy; 

·       the newsletter should be no more than five pages long;

·       the e-mail trustees are adults who have the e-mail addresses of recipients;  neither the E-News staff nor the newsletter teacher knows the e-mail addresses, in order to ensure that private information not be revealed, either intentionally or inadvertently;  however, we do know how many addresses there are, as that information will be useful to team 7.

As for decorating the newsletter, a few simple graphics and interesting quotations would be good, interspersed in the newsletter text, but nothing which would require a large data download or would be lengthy.  As for conveying E-News to e-mail trustees, be sure that what you state in the subject field of the e-mail alert the trustees, so that they not delete E-News

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1. Do you know your team members?

2. Do you have school e-mail addresses for them?

3. Do you have telephone numbers for them?

4. Has your team become acquainted with members of other teams?

5. Has you team designed a layout for E-News?  Confer the textbook before designing a layout.

6. Who is to proofread?

7. Who is to do the layout?

8. Who is to decorate?

9. Who is to type?

10. Who is the backup for proofreading, layout, decorating, and typing?

11. How many days before publication should teams give you their copy?

12. What do you do when teams are late in giving you their copy?

13. How many days before publication should E-News be approved by the newsletter teacher?

14. How much time should the newsletter teacher be given to approve?

15. What should your team do if approval is not on time or the newsletter teacher unavailable?

16. Who will ensure that the newsletter be conveyed on time to the e-mail trustees, E-News staff, and Montebello Oil staff?

17. Who will leave voice mail for the e-mail trustees and team 10?  Who will be the backup?

18. How do you assure that the e-mail trustees have e-mailed the newsletter to recipients?

19. What do you do if the newsletter has not been e-mailed to recipients?

20. On your team, when might photographs be taken and who among you has primary responsibility?

21. On your team, who is the backup photographer?

22. If there is an emergency for which you do not have a solution, whom do you contact and how?

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As for

this person / these people will be in charge,

this person will be the assistant or backup,

and the activity will start on





ensuring that the other teams meet their deadlines;  ensuring that team 6 meet its deadlines;




“decorating” each newsletter with interesting quotations and with simple graphics;




proofreading and checking the embedded hyperlinks;  organizing and formatting each issue of the newsletter, then getting approval from the newsletter teacher;




e-mailing the newsletter and leaving voice mail;




ensuring that recipients have received the newsletter;




 Our team leader from ____________ to _____________ is _____________.

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